Instant Drinks and Meals

Everyone is familiar with instant products. Even if it is just instant coffee or a milk powder that you add to your coffee; everyone uses it now and again in daily life.

Maas-Intersales cooperates with various production companies across the world to create instant products. For dairy products these are often company from the Netherlands and for the instant noodles these companies often come from Asia.

For the global increasing demand for dairy products Maas-Intersales develops
various concepts within the Netherlands for the foreign markets of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America. Plus, Maas-Intersales also produces for direct consumption. By adding responsible additives such as easy and tasty powders the dairy products are ready for consumption, easy and quickly.

In our assortment we offer a range of beverages and dessert in different varieties always with a different flavour:

  • milk
  • flavours milk: chocolate, vanilla and fruit
  • flavours desserts: chocolate and vanilla
  • flavours yoghurt:┬ánaturel, vanilla and fruit
  • flavours ice cream: chocolate and fruit
Hot and Cold Drinks
Everyone knows soluble drinks. Maas-Intersales has many possibilities within the soluble
hot and cold beverages drinks. We mainly work with European companies to secure the quality of the soluble drink. We supply in our assortment all products from an individual packaging to industrial packaging.

Our offer:

  • coffe
  • tea in various flavours
  • chocolate drinks
  • fruit drinks
  • toppings
  • soups
Cup Noodles/Ready Meals
Everyone eats an instant meal now and again. It is a product that is gaining a market share
and is consumed more and more daily especially because it is easy to use. It has a long shelf-life, easy to take along and has a short preparation.
Again Maas-Intersales cooperates with various producers worldwide to provide you with an excellent product. The offer within noodle join, uss meals and soups is very large and versatile and has many types of packaging:

Among others, we supply :

  • soups
  • cup noodles
  • ready meals
  • oat meals