Maas-Intersales has an various range of spreads, including: nut spread and peanut butter, jams, cookie spread and chocolate spread. We are specialized both in sourcing of raw materials and processing of raw materials in various parts of the world such as Asia, South-America, the Middle East as well as Europe. Naturally, we offer hereby always the best price-quality ratio. Maas-Intersales has exclusive production sites where unique products are produced whereby we can use various production processes. All production sites of Maas-Intersales comply with the highest certifications such as IFS, BRC, FSC22000.

Peanut Butter/Nut Spreads
Peanut butter and nut spreads are very creamy and nutritious and are available in various recipes. The spreads are very popular because of the many good nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We can achieve the production of these directly in the land of origin as in: Asia, the US, the Middle East and Africa but of course also in Europe.All recipes are possible. Although a margin on the raw materials should be taken into account, this can vary from 40% up to 100% peanuts or nuts.In this category Maas-Intersales offers:

  • peanut butter
  • peanut spread
  • cashew spread
  • almond spread
  • pistachio spread
Chocolate Spread
Chocolate spread is endless popular with the consumer as sandwich topping and
with the producer as filling of the half-finished products of the food industry. The quality of the chocolate spread is mainly determined by the correct course of the raw material to end product.So our hazel nuts are roasted in-house and processed to become a high quality product. Various recipes and packaging possibilities can be flexibly integrated in our production processes so you can determine your own composition as customer.Our assortment contains the following possibilities

  • chocolate spread with a hazel nut content of 1% of 13%
  • duo spread with a rich variety of flavours such as vanilla, strawberry and speculoos.
Cookie Spread
Cookie spread is the newcomers within the spread assortment as just as
creamy as tasty. The original recipe comes from Belgium. The main ingredient of the cookie spread is the cookie itself. Cookie spread is much loved by the consumer and there it achieves a growing market share within the spread assortment. Maas-Intersales offers various cookie spreads based on the original Belgium cookies.The following products are available in various packaging:

  • cookie spread speculaas (spiced biscuit)
  • cookie spread speculaas chocolate
  • cookie spread caffee Lungo
Jams/Fruit Confituur
Who has not spoiled oneself with honest jam on bread or toast? With the flavour of fresh
and pure fruit, that is the way to start the day. Maas-Intersales knows how to capture nature for you in its sunny fruits and produces the most delicious jams for you.
With exclusive first class fruit Maas-Intersales launches a number of jams that really deserve the crown of excellence. Selected first class fruit from various parts of Europe are the raw material for these really delicious jams.
Maas-Intersales has a large variation of compositions and recipes within its jam production. On request we can compose any jam and offer this in packaging for consumer and bulk consumers. We like to mention some quality jams from our assortment

  • strawberry jam
  • apricot jam
  • cherry jam
  • blueberry jam