Specialties & Promotion Products

Maas-Intersales department specialties is specialised in promotion items. This department within Maas-Intersales accelerates your endeavour for turnover increase by supporting marketing activities and projects. Together with you Maas-Intersales conceives a strategic marketing mixture and presents compelling concepts for your product.

Apart from extending a franchise concept for food products we also work with you on the development and production of vending machines. In China Maas-Intersales has more than 15 years’ experience with concepts for non-food product development including also the production department of food packaging.

At the moment we manage the following projects:

Marketing / Promotion Items
Maas-Intersales Promotion items is a tool that is involved with the development accu
and directing of product promotion by means of sales, displays or sales concepts of a certain product or branding.

Therefore, Maas-Intersales developed 3D-power banks, but also a complete new 3D DAB+ Radio for the promotion of products from the car industry. The ways to a successful marketing are numerous.

Maas-Intersales knows them and likes to think along with you on a turnover-promoting sales strategy.

Maas-Intersales has much experience in the development of non-food products from Asia.shutterstock_79033816
For more than 15 years we have been active in the development and support of productions in Asia. We have experience in the manufacturing of injection moulds and the production of vending machines, radios and tools for the car industry.

China is thereby an important factor and one of the most important chains in our network. Productions in Asia are often related to mega orders.

Maas-Intersales can be the chain for you to source the right article or the development of a new product. With this Maas-Intersales can monitor the complete production line and completely carry out the import and distribution.

All this thanks to the knowhow of Maas-Intersales in combination with its divers intercontinental network. We like to assist you and like to invite you to contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Food packaging
Food packaging is an important issue within the food sector. Maas-Intersales has wide shutterstock_93184936 experience in the development and production of packaging for the food industry. Maas-Intersales has developed various types of packaging, such as customised packaging for fast consumer goods from the vending machine.

We also have large experience in the development of various general packaging for the retail sector whereby we develop, in cooperation with affiliated production companies, a gas-flushable packaging with a correct seal, a longer shelf-life and made from a high quality environmental friendly material.